Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some quotes...

Here are some quotes from and about B-Suts from the Caps slaughtering of the Leafs Monday night.

Sutherby on all the scoring in the game:

"We've had some trouble scoring, and to pop four in the first period, that was huge,"
from Caps rout Maple Leafs 7-1

Kolzig on B-Suts play:

"(Sutherby) did a terrific job tonight after not playing in a long time, and guys like Matt Bradley getting one and Boyd Gordon, Jeff Schultz. The scoring has to come from everyone and that's what happened tonight."
from Capitals cautiously optimistic following 7-1 thrashing of Maple Leafs

Sutherby on Ovechkin:

"Ovie has been a treat to watch these past three years. We haven't evolved as fast as Pittsburgh, but it's not for lack of sacrifice on his part. I don't think you can compare him and Crosby. Sid's a playmaker; Ovie's a guy that will go right through you to score. Both are important to their teams."
from Beyond Comparison

Fun Fact: B-Suts has scored a goal every 15:16 he has been on the ice, which leads the Caps.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Video of the Week!

Here is your Brian Sutherby Video of the Week. What follows are actual in-game dialogue from B-Suts himself.

In case you were unable to follow along at home, here is a complete transcript of B-Suts comments:

There you go boys, big draw Gord.

Good chance Pothy, good chance.

Chip! With ya Ovy! Ovy!

When the puck starts on this side, and you're in the middle, kind of like shift over, but you don't floor, yeah...and yeah.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Complete and Total Domination

Sometimes in a game you get a lucky bounce, and sometimes you get 7, well actually 6 because Sutherby's goal was pure skill. Tonight the Caps headed up to the hockey capital of the world to take on annihilate the Maple Leafs. The Caps broke their 2-game mini-losing streak, or skid, if you prefer to call it that, by slaughtering the Leafs 7-1. The Caps had lost their last 6 of 7, but a minor personnel change made all the difference. For the second time this season the one and only B-Suts took the line up by storm. Not only did he delivery the big hits, but he also put the biscuit in the basket, getting on the score sheet for the first time this season in a breakout performance. Playing on a line with Sutherby propelled Matt Bradley to record his first ever 3-point game. Despite having 2 goals, Ovechkin, unlike B-Suts, failed to score on his breakaway, while Sutherby displayed his finishing touch by scoring the Caps 7th goal, officially putting the game out of reach for even the might Maple Leafs. The Leafs' Chad "You Can't Throw The Puck!" Kilger, a -1 on the night, was seen whining multiple times throughout the game, and in the locker room after this embarrassing loss.

Fun Fact: If B-Suts were to play in every game this season he would be on pace for 41 goals.

I <3 Brian Sutherby...

...and you should too!!!

Welcome to the Brian Sutherby Fan Club blog! This is a blog dedicated to everyone's favorite grinder/alternate captain donning the red, white, and blue of the Washington Capitals. We will cover any and all things Brian "B-Suts" Sutherby related.

Brian Sutherby was drafted by the Caps in the first round of the 2000 draft, going 26th overall. He was a standout in juniors, while playing for the infamous Moose Jaw Warriors, where he pretty much tore it up. He made his debut for the Caps October 6, 2001 against the New Jersey Devils after only 2 games in the minors. He currently has 26 career goals, and is poised for a breakout season!

Fun fact: B-Suts is currently the longest tenured Capital after Olie Kolzig.