Friday, November 30, 2007

Video of the Week

Or should that be weekend? It doesn't really matter.

Here's a fight Brian was in earlier this week. Well, it's more of a grappling match than anything else, but enjoy.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Moving on up . . .

Brian's been in Anaheim for three games, two losses and a win, and he's seen his responsibilities increase each game he's been out there.

Brian's average time on ice per game so far,

Game 1: 5:14 of ice on the 4th line.
Game 2: 8:40 of ice on the 4th line.
Game 3: 12:31 of ice on the 2nd line.

A guy the Washington Capitals struggled to trade away is now playing on the second line in Anaheim alongside Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry. The real winner in that trade was obviously B-Suts.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's been a rough week.

It hurts whenever your favorite player doesn't get to play. It hurts even more when your favorite player doesn't get to play and the team stinks. Brian Sutherby was shipped off to the Anaheim Ducks this week for a second round pick in 2009. If the Caps ever get anything for their former first round draft pick, he won't see the ice until 2011 at the earliest, most likely. You know the old adage, "you can't fire the players, so fire the coach?" It seems the Capitals managed to find a way to fire a player, while B-Suts gets a fresh new start in Anaheim.

While Brian gets a new start in Anahiem, I leave you with this video tribute, complete with a horrible soundtrack.

Friday, November 16, 2007

3 Reasons Sutherby Should Play Tonight

Washington Capitals vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

St. Pete Times Forum, 8:00

So we have been slacking a bit lately here at the Sutherby Fan Club. The state of the Capitals has been nothing short of disappointing. They are 1-6 so far this month, and considering the schedule is littered with always intense games against southeast division rivals, these losses will hurt the team in the standings more.

Sutherby hasn't been in the line up since the 5-0 loss to the 'Canes (and there is a link in case you needed a reminder). He was a -2, and obviously it wasn't a great game for anyone on the Caps, but it seems like if Sutherby even looks a someone the wrong way he is benched. With the current state of the team and the fact that no one seems to be performing, why shouldn't he be in? Here are 3 reasons he should be in the line up tonight:

1. His physical play. The Lightning, and especially Frodo (Martin St. Louis, to the lay person), shy away from physical play. St. Louis has been on fire recently and the Caps need to put it out by being tough and physical. Very few players bring the toughness like B-Suts. Also, you need someone to throw down against Vinny in case he decides to jump someone again. (It wouldn't hurt to break his jaw either, so we don't have to hear him whining on the way to the penalty box.)

2. Intensity. Lately this Caps team has seems to be lacking in intensity and a sense of urgency. B-Suts has been aggressive and worked hard every shift this season, the Caps need someone with his heart and effort to bring that back.

3. Leadership. Clarkie is back, but there is still a lack of leadership on the ice. Sutherby is well respected by his team and has proven to be a leader on and the Caps need that right now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sutherby Video of the Week

Here is your Brian Sutherby video for this week, a tilt with Darcy Tucker of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

3 Reason B-Suts Should Be In the Lineup Tonight

Washington Capitals vs. Atlanta Thrashers

This is up a little late, so we all know that he is a healthy scratch this evening. I am guessing because Bourque was called up from Hershey, but why he is the one to lose a roster spot, I don't know. So here is the regular 3 reasons he should be playing tonight.

1. Suts and his fellow 4th liners bring the energy. They might not score a lot of goals, but that isn't everything. They have been aggressive, hitting hard, and relentless on the forecheck.

2. B-Suts grittiness. The Caps and Thrashers have been known to get in some fights, and he has thrown down against the Thrash before and I am sure he would again.

3. Why not? With how disappointing the Caps have been recently why shouldn't he play? He has earned a roster spot as much as anyone else in lineup.

Brian Sutherby Video of the Week

Here it is folks, your B-Suts video of the week.

Brian takes on his former teammate Larry Nycholat, and gives a good show for the fans before he finishes off the current Binghamton Senator.

Monday, November 5, 2007

3 Reasons B-Suts should be in the lineup tonight

The Caps have another Always Intense Southeast Division matchup tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Caps took the first game against their geographically closest divisional rival earlier this season, and the Hurricanes will be looking for payback.

What can Brian Sutherby provide tonight? Let's see . . .

1. He will provide energy for the rest of the team. In limited ice time, Sutherby has more hits per game than any forward not named Alexander Ovechkin. He will go out and pound the other team, take the puck away, and make the opposition pay for going near him.
2. Leadership. Despite the fact that he was a healthy scratch when the team was at full strength, Sutherby has still kept his Alternate "A" and been allowed to be a positive on-ice influence, which he can now translate into on-ice leadership.
3. Standing up for his teammates. Part of that on-ice leadership is not letting the opposition take liberties with your teammates. Eager with the Elbow on Friday, Sutherby is willing to drop them. That's how it always should be, and not how it is often enough.

Friday, November 2, 2007

3 Reason B-Suts Should Be In the Lineup Tonight

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Washington Capitals
Verizon Center, 7:00

1-The Caps are playing the Broad Street Bullies v2.0. The Flyers are skating fast and hitting hard this year. Despite 2 of their tough guys still being on suspension, players like Cote and Eager are more than willing to stir things up a bit. With players like that on the ice you need players who hit hard and are willing to drop the gloves. B-Suts is just that guy (as he demonstrated with Hollweg last night).

2-Suts aggressive forecheck. The past 2 games B-Suts has been the first guy to attack a defender in their zone, creating turnovers and forcing the other team’s D to make mistakes.

3-Suts hard work against the boards. B-Suts has been hitting hard and using his size to hit and pin guys against the board to get the puck lose. He has been relentless when fighting for the puck against the boards. His hard work wears down the other team and created chances for the Caps.

I smell a trap!

They may call it something else, but manure by any other name stinks the same. Since the Devils have abandoned it, the Rangers have adopted the neutral zone trap, spending large portions of last night's game in a 1-2-2. Someone has to maintain the NHL's boredom level, it might as well be one of the NHL's marquee teams. Brian Sutherby played fine, with 0 giveaways, combined with 2 hits and a takeaway, helping the Caps with their puck possession game plan. Most importantly, Sutherby accomplished something I've never seen before, getting called for a hooking penalty while playing the puck. I'm not even sure how that would work, but it happened. Sutherby did not figure out into the scoresheet, but was on the ice for Ranger's lone even strength goal, coming in at -1 for the night. Look for Sutherby to see the ice tonight against the Flyers since none of the injured Caps will be returning.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sutherby Interview

Tonight during the 2nd Intermission of the Capitals/Rangers game the immortal Craig Laughlin interviewed everyones favorite wearer of the A on the CSN broadcast. And of course us at the Sutherby Fan Club transcribed it for all the B-Suts lovers who missed it.

Locker: And Sudsy it has been a trying start to your season this year, so how did you keep your mind and body focused when you got back in the lineup?

Sutherby: You know, it was a battle, it is not a lot of fun being out of the lineup, but just continue to work hard in practice and keep doing little things on the ice in practice and working hard to get better and try to be ready when you get in there.

Locker: Now you had a great game, as did your whole team, in Toronto. How special was it for you to notch that goal? It seemed like the bench went crazy.

Sutherby: Yeah, uh, that was the best part, was just to see how happy the guys were for me. It was really special and it meant a lot. It wasn’t a big meaning goal on the score sheet, being 7-1, but the guys were really excited for me and it meant a lot.

Locker: Now up here it seems like this may be the quickest game of the season, a lot of flow, do you see it that way down at ice level?

Sutherby: Yeah, it’s been pretty quick. We knew coming in here that they’re kind of a transition team and both teams have a lot of speed and can go with the clock. I think for us to be successful we got to just to make sure we are making smart plays at their blue line and getting in deep and keep getting in front of Lundquivst; we got to get some traffic in front of him.

Locker: Sudsy, thanks for the visit.

Sutherby: Thanks a lot.

Fun Fact: As exemplified in tonight's interview, B-Suts has a recessive gene that prevents all forms of helmet hair.