Friday, November 2, 2007

3 Reason B-Suts Should Be In the Lineup Tonight

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Washington Capitals
Verizon Center, 7:00

1-The Caps are playing the Broad Street Bullies v2.0. The Flyers are skating fast and hitting hard this year. Despite 2 of their tough guys still being on suspension, players like Cote and Eager are more than willing to stir things up a bit. With players like that on the ice you need players who hit hard and are willing to drop the gloves. B-Suts is just that guy (as he demonstrated with Hollweg last night).

2-Suts aggressive forecheck. The past 2 games B-Suts has been the first guy to attack a defender in their zone, creating turnovers and forcing the other team’s D to make mistakes.

3-Suts hard work against the boards. B-Suts has been hitting hard and using his size to hit and pin guys against the board to get the puck lose. He has been relentless when fighting for the puck against the boards. His hard work wears down the other team and created chances for the Caps.

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