Monday, November 5, 2007

3 Reasons B-Suts should be in the lineup tonight

The Caps have another Always Intense Southeast Division matchup tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Caps took the first game against their geographically closest divisional rival earlier this season, and the Hurricanes will be looking for payback.

What can Brian Sutherby provide tonight? Let's see . . .

1. He will provide energy for the rest of the team. In limited ice time, Sutherby has more hits per game than any forward not named Alexander Ovechkin. He will go out and pound the other team, take the puck away, and make the opposition pay for going near him.
2. Leadership. Despite the fact that he was a healthy scratch when the team was at full strength, Sutherby has still kept his Alternate "A" and been allowed to be a positive on-ice influence, which he can now translate into on-ice leadership.
3. Standing up for his teammates. Part of that on-ice leadership is not letting the opposition take liberties with your teammates. Eager with the Elbow on Friday, Sutherby is willing to drop them. That's how it always should be, and not how it is often enough.

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