Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sutherby Interview

Tonight during the 2nd Intermission of the Capitals/Rangers game the immortal Craig Laughlin interviewed everyones favorite wearer of the A on the CSN broadcast. And of course us at the Sutherby Fan Club transcribed it for all the B-Suts lovers who missed it.

Locker: And Sudsy it has been a trying start to your season this year, so how did you keep your mind and body focused when you got back in the lineup?

Sutherby: You know, it was a battle, it is not a lot of fun being out of the lineup, but just continue to work hard in practice and keep doing little things on the ice in practice and working hard to get better and try to be ready when you get in there.

Locker: Now you had a great game, as did your whole team, in Toronto. How special was it for you to notch that goal? It seemed like the bench went crazy.

Sutherby: Yeah, uh, that was the best part, was just to see how happy the guys were for me. It was really special and it meant a lot. It wasn’t a big meaning goal on the score sheet, being 7-1, but the guys were really excited for me and it meant a lot.

Locker: Now up here it seems like this may be the quickest game of the season, a lot of flow, do you see it that way down at ice level?

Sutherby: Yeah, it’s been pretty quick. We knew coming in here that they’re kind of a transition team and both teams have a lot of speed and can go with the clock. I think for us to be successful we got to just to make sure we are making smart plays at their blue line and getting in deep and keep getting in front of Lundquivst; we got to get some traffic in front of him.

Locker: Sudsy, thanks for the visit.

Sutherby: Thanks a lot.

Fun Fact: As exemplified in tonight's interview, B-Suts has a recessive gene that prevents all forms of helmet hair.

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