Friday, November 2, 2007

I smell a trap!

They may call it something else, but manure by any other name stinks the same. Since the Devils have abandoned it, the Rangers have adopted the neutral zone trap, spending large portions of last night's game in a 1-2-2. Someone has to maintain the NHL's boredom level, it might as well be one of the NHL's marquee teams. Brian Sutherby played fine, with 0 giveaways, combined with 2 hits and a takeaway, helping the Caps with their puck possession game plan. Most importantly, Sutherby accomplished something I've never seen before, getting called for a hooking penalty while playing the puck. I'm not even sure how that would work, but it happened. Sutherby did not figure out into the scoresheet, but was on the ice for Ranger's lone even strength goal, coming in at -1 for the night. Look for Sutherby to see the ice tonight against the Flyers since none of the injured Caps will be returning.

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