Thursday, November 22, 2007

It's been a rough week.

It hurts whenever your favorite player doesn't get to play. It hurts even more when your favorite player doesn't get to play and the team stinks. Brian Sutherby was shipped off to the Anaheim Ducks this week for a second round pick in 2009. If the Caps ever get anything for their former first round draft pick, he won't see the ice until 2011 at the earliest, most likely. You know the old adage, "you can't fire the players, so fire the coach?" It seems the Capitals managed to find a way to fire a player, while B-Suts gets a fresh new start in Anaheim.

While Brian gets a new start in Anahiem, I leave you with this video tribute, complete with a horrible soundtrack.

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urmybetterhalf00 said...

well hey i couldn't think of a good song. maybe ill make another one if you can give me some song ideas?

im not a HUGE fan of that song either