Friday, November 16, 2007

3 Reasons Sutherby Should Play Tonight

Washington Capitals vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

St. Pete Times Forum, 8:00

So we have been slacking a bit lately here at the Sutherby Fan Club. The state of the Capitals has been nothing short of disappointing. They are 1-6 so far this month, and considering the schedule is littered with always intense games against southeast division rivals, these losses will hurt the team in the standings more.

Sutherby hasn't been in the line up since the 5-0 loss to the 'Canes (and there is a link in case you needed a reminder). He was a -2, and obviously it wasn't a great game for anyone on the Caps, but it seems like if Sutherby even looks a someone the wrong way he is benched. With the current state of the team and the fact that no one seems to be performing, why shouldn't he be in? Here are 3 reasons he should be in the line up tonight:

1. His physical play. The Lightning, and especially Frodo (Martin St. Louis, to the lay person), shy away from physical play. St. Louis has been on fire recently and the Caps need to put it out by being tough and physical. Very few players bring the toughness like B-Suts. Also, you need someone to throw down against Vinny in case he decides to jump someone again. (It wouldn't hurt to break his jaw either, so we don't have to hear him whining on the way to the penalty box.)

2. Intensity. Lately this Caps team has seems to be lacking in intensity and a sense of urgency. B-Suts has been aggressive and worked hard every shift this season, the Caps need someone with his heart and effort to bring that back.

3. Leadership. Clarkie is back, but there is still a lack of leadership on the ice. Sutherby is well respected by his team and has proven to be a leader on and the Caps need that right now.

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