Monday, October 29, 2007

Complete and Total Domination

Sometimes in a game you get a lucky bounce, and sometimes you get 7, well actually 6 because Sutherby's goal was pure skill. Tonight the Caps headed up to the hockey capital of the world to take on annihilate the Maple Leafs. The Caps broke their 2-game mini-losing streak, or skid, if you prefer to call it that, by slaughtering the Leafs 7-1. The Caps had lost their last 6 of 7, but a minor personnel change made all the difference. For the second time this season the one and only B-Suts took the line up by storm. Not only did he delivery the big hits, but he also put the biscuit in the basket, getting on the score sheet for the first time this season in a breakout performance. Playing on a line with Sutherby propelled Matt Bradley to record his first ever 3-point game. Despite having 2 goals, Ovechkin, unlike B-Suts, failed to score on his breakaway, while Sutherby displayed his finishing touch by scoring the Caps 7th goal, officially putting the game out of reach for even the might Maple Leafs. The Leafs' Chad "You Can't Throw The Puck!" Kilger, a -1 on the night, was seen whining multiple times throughout the game, and in the locker room after this embarrassing loss.

Fun Fact: If B-Suts were to play in every game this season he would be on pace for 41 goals.


Mr. said...

Maybe Sutherby's great performance in the Leafs game will make Hanlon realize he shouldn't be scratched in favor of people like Motzko. Just because your name's on the Stanley Cup doesn't mean you're a good player.

Chad said...

mr., I disagree. take for example Stanley. his name is on the stanley cup, and he's pretty good at something. I mean, good enough that they would name a cup after him. Let's examine who else has cups named after them? wimbledon for instance was pretty good at tennis, so sutherby must be good at not only hockey, but tennis as well. The world cup is another great example when you think about how good the WORLD is at soccer. it would probably kick pluto's ass.

the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is in the cup.